Just finished!


It was a clear day - 19 x 12" - oil on panel


apples, green, still life, italy, terra-cotta

Green apples - 16 x 20" - oil on panel


The Illusion large image_edited-1

The Illusion - 14 x 11" - oil on panel 


The Blue and White Vase 10 x 8 - oil on panel 72dpi_edited-2

The White and Blue Vase - 8 x 10" - oil on panel - SOLD



Petunias 72 dpi

Petunias - 14 x 11" - oil on panel 



Forever love - oil on panel - 16 x 16 inches - 72dpi

Forever Love - 16 x 16" - oil on panel - SOLD



Scriptorium - 27 x 29.5" - oil on panel

I have always been fascinated by writing and printing tools, such as pens, quills and typewriters. While roaming through a second-hand store last year, I found a Remington portable typewriter, which inspired me to create a still-life around its story. I decided to titled it "Scriptorium".

I have to become totally familiar with the objects in the set-up, that lets me interpret the objects’ history and capture their moment in time.
For me to successfully represent an object I have to know that object from all angles that way I can use all my knowledge of it, and not just what I can see from a specific viewpoint. Otherwise it will be like basing my opinion of a person on a two-minute conversation, without knowing their history.